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  Engine Washing II Hi everyone s. I apologize if not also the translation. This engine we can connect directly following a few steps. First wires depending on need, we will checking one by one, identifying each of the terminals. We will need a multimeter or continuity tester for it. List the terminal 1,2,3,4,5, … (in my case 5) 1. – Will check state if you have a visual impairment that makes disposal, bumps, bad bearings, burned, … Two. – With the tester on ohms, go one to one by checking with a tip to the chassis, and the other one by one by tapping terminals. If any «hard», it indicates a derivation, we have to check if it can be repaired or discarded …. Three. – We will make a table of all couples. Starting with 1, we will check all the possible pairings, with, 2, 3, … Then the 2 with the 3, 4 and so on until the last April. – Every time we give continuity, write down the result. Very important, if it provides a vital check no value in ohms, is connected or unified, so you can not get then and neutral between these two terminals, as would a short circuit. May. – We will check the results given in ohms, and in another column go scoring from the lowest value and check the numbers of couples that are repeated more times, in my case 3 …. That means this is the common terminal to the other is neutral. June. – For connection, we need first: Protection, thermal and power differentially protected. Earth connection cable provided Tools for electricity, lined handles, terminals protected to prevent short circuits, … etc. Being convinced of what we will do, any doubt desist. Electricity is not a game. July. – This motor is connected to AC condenser, with the values ​​indicated on the label, ** The chassis ground (always) Connecting the phase and neutral (in my case) Lower speed The neutral will connect to No. 3 Go to another phase, for example 1, and in addition there will be a phase bridge to a pin of the capacitor. From the outlet of the condenser will connect at 2 With this connection, slow speed will give us To change rotational phase is exchanged with the condenser outlet, ie 1 to 3. Fast speed. Another possible connection is neutral in 3 phase to 2 phase and we bypass the output capacitor to number 5 To change rotational phase is exchanged with the condenser outlet, ie 2 to 5. 9. – We will review all over again, to a fault … Is an engine with many revolutions, so we firmly secure a table to keep it from turning when starting and causing an accident. And once this all Ok connect and luck in it. It just a fast connection, for if something goes wrong, … 10. – *** These are particular experiments, landlords, each be responsible for their engine, their actions, their results. Each manufacturer, each engine can vary .. if one does not match this way of doing, to desist and try to find a solution .. I personally would like to investigate, see «things inside» to understand why … The theory is one thing, practice another, .. the two are complementary. To those who always like to be entangled, to my way of seeing things, the reach, connect, and run, … without understanding why, leave a little mystery in the air. Thank you very much, I hope they serve. Regards, Angel

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